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El Guarda Del Casa Kennels is owned and operated by Michel and Kristel Nuyens-Nuyts.  We are a Belgian kennel. 
Our primary goal at El Guarda Del Casa Kennels is to improve the breed of the Presa Canario.  We are members of the breed club in the United States (the DCCA) and we are two of only a few Belgium members of the Spanish breed club (the CEDC). 

We breed only top quality Presa Canario blood lines imported from the United States or the Canary Islands.
We personally travel to the Canary Islands to import our own dogs, chosen for health and correct conformation.
We are currently the only Belgians to travel yearly to the Canary Islands to see the largest Spanish conformation show, the Monografica, and we are the only Belgians to have ever participated in the Monografica. 

Buying a dog from us ensures that you will receive a dog that has been bred for previously mentioned characteristics: health and correct conformation. Our dogs are bred to be highly capable guard dogs as well as loyal family  friends and protectors. In regards to paperwork, our dogs are registered through FCI /  
PR, the same registry used in Spain and the Islands, and also through the Dogo Canario Club of America (DCCA).
FCI paper work is recognized by UKC and AKC Foundation Stock.

Because so many breeders have bred their Presa to fit their own standards,  the TRUE Presa type has become somewhat lost in the mix.  "Rare" colors (such as blue, solid white, or solid black) and excessive size and aggression are NOT the characteristics of a true Presa Canario. 

Colors of the Presa Canario range from brindle to fawn. These are the ONLY valid colors of the Presa Canario.
WE ENCOURAGE POTENTIAL OWNERS TO DO THEIR RESEARCH AND KNOW WHAT THEY SHOULD BE LOOKING FOR IN A PRESA CANARIO!  There are many breeders who will take advantage of an unsuspecting or uneducated buyer.  An ethical breeder and true breed enthousiast will take the time to answer any questions  
you may have and explain the breed to you.


El Guarda del Casa

Michel & Kristel Nuyens-Nuyts
2300 Turnhout 

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